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Since 1904 the American Dairy Goat Association has been serving the dairy goat industry. With over one million animals registered since the Association was organized, we are the largest and fastest growing dairy goat organization and registry in the United States. Whether you're thinking of acquiring your first dairy goats or are the owner of a commercial dairy, we hope that you let ADGA help provide the resources you need to be successful.

What We Do

  • Our primary responsibilities are to
    • maintain herd books and issue certificates of registration and recordation of dairy goats
    • supervise and publish official milk production records of dairy goats and issue certificates of production
    • promote and regulate matters pertaining to the history, publicity, breeding, exhibition and improvement of dairy goats
  • We provide a number of genetic, management, and performance related services of the highest possible quality to dairy goat breeders.
  • We sponsor shows and production testing giving breeders and exhibitors opportunities to compete for awards.
  • We sponsor products competitions which showcase the best in amateur and commercial dairy goat cheese, soaps, lotions, and other goat related products.
  • Our youth activities have provided a wholesome and educational experience to thousands, and in many instances have led to lifelong involvement in the dairy goat business.
  • We support promotional programs to raise the public perception and political climate for the dairy goat industry that will provide optimum economic opportunities for Association members.
  • We maintain an active information dissemination program making available critical data relating to production, linear appraisal scores, genetic evaluation information and show records.

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